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Interior Color Consult

Want a cohesive color vision for your home? Our Interior Color Consult service is just that.

Here's what's included:

- Visit your home for an approximately 2 hour consult to make paint color selections by room.

- Create a paint schedule (with sheen recommendations) to include trim colors, ceiling colors, and cabinetry colors wherever needed.

- Make adjustments to selections and paint schedule after paint samples are put up on the wall (by the Owner or Painter)

- A list of recommended painters / subcontractors in your area to complete the work

Flat fee of $800

Fill out our inquiry form to get started


Need more than just paint help? If we need more time, or you have more questions, we can add hourly services to continue the conversation @ $125 per hour or write you a proposal for full design services.

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Kind Words

“I am loving it so far. I will definitely reach out to you again.”
- Ty B.

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