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Hourly Design

Need some extra design help? We can tailor our services to whatever you need. This often looks like hourly services - billed at $125 per hour. 


We know hourly fees can feel a bit mysterious when considering your budget. If you are a good decision maker, these costs can be fairly minimal. If you like to consider every option - we are happy to walk through the pros and cons of each. Because everyone and every project is so different - we estimate a low range and high range budget for your proposed project. We don't over charge,  - we don't have the time :) - and everything is open book, so on your invoices you will see exactly what every hour goes toward.

Starting at $125/hr

Fill out our inquiry form to get started

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Kind Words

“It is SO worth the cost, IMHO, to have your extra help with narrowing down the product selections for me! I am doing my best to be decisive and no-nonsense, but I of course appreciate and value your time in working with me when I need extra hand-holding too ;)”​
- Noelle P.

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