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Designer for a Day

What sets our "Designer for a Day" services apart? Many Interior Designers have started offering this service. DEW Design Co. has the benefit of an architectural viewpoint. Struggling with space planning, code issues, or an unwanted soffit? Besides specifying furniture and drapery - we dig deeper into how rooms relate and traffic flows. 


Need a zoning analysis to see how much space you can add onto your home? Or a built-in designed with the existing architectural features of your home in mind? Designer for a Day is for you. 


What's included?

- A detailed design questionnaire to be filled out by you prior to your consultation

- Measurement of your space with Canvas iOS app for iPhone or iPad at $0.20 per square foot

- 8 hours of design services, including a one-hour Zoom consult, and a video presentation and PDF's of the following:

- Applicable Drawings for your Design Problem

- Contractor / Trade Recommendations

- Material Selections 

- Trade + Retail Pricing Guide

- Design Direction Moodboard

Flat fee of $1,000

Fill out our inquiry form to get started


Not sure if your design problem is a good fit for Designer for a Day? If we need more time, or you have more questions, we can add hourly services to continue the conversation @ $125 per hour or write you a proposal for full design services.

Kind Words

“Oh wow. This is SO amazing. The video is incredible - both your work/vision and the technology just blows my mind!”
- Noelle P.

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