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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Adventurer

Renee is our resident adventurer and Interior Design Project Manager. She and her husband built a tiny home on wheels (the Busse Bus) during the pandemic and traveled the US with their young daughter, pup, and two cats! She loves nature and a good outdoor product. Here' s an awesome list for the outdoorsy type on your list.

Both my husband and I have this duffel and it's the perfect size for a long weekend trip. It's super durable too and has straps to cary like a backpack to free up your hands!

2- Hydroflask Coffee with Flex Sip Lid - On Sale for $24.69!
I love the brand Hydroflask and a portable coffee mug is essential for me. I also have been using their 24 oz wide mouth water bottle for the last 2 years and I haven't had to buy a new one since!

My family and I traveled across the country for 4 months straight and this AeroPress was compact enough to bring along so we didn't have to compromise our morning coffees! We used it multiple times a day and you can use it for hot or iced coffees!

While traveling, we heard about this pass way too late and man do I wish we knew about this when we started visiting Nati0nal Parks! You save so much money with this pass and it's such a cool idea to make it affordable for people to travel around the country to see these beautiful places.

I didn't personally have this but I know someone who did and this portable 1 burner stove is perfect for any backpacking enthusiast who still wants a warm meal and doesn't have to compromise much space for it in their backpack. Definitely an essential for your backpacking starter kit.

I see a lot more tent camping in my future and this one looked too cool to pass up! If I didn't have 2 kids, a husband and a dog, I'd go solo camping in this tent in a heartbeat :)

I've been searching for the perfect windbreaker jacket, and I think I found it! It comes in a bunch of great color ways too!

8- Explore Next Carnival Felt Boot - On super sale for $77.95!
I've also been keeping an eye on these boots and they're currently 50% off!! I think it's a sign :)

9- GoPro Hero11 - $350.00
We have a GoPro and love all the footage we've taken with it. It's definitely a must have for any traveling you do if you want to take some epic videos! Also the quality is insane.

10- Thule Stir Backpack - $139.95
My husband and I have talked about starting to acquire gear to take backpacking trips more seriously. I found this one and loved all the compartments it had for anything you can thing of that you'd need to bring along. I'm also a sucker for good color options!


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