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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Makeup Lover

Warda's Top Picks For The Makeup Lover

Our newest team member and Architectural Associate - Warda Zaidi put together this comprehensive and budget-friendly gift guide for the make-up lover.

DISCLAIMER: All these products have been my go-to, holy grail products. Through trial and error, I have finally mastered the art of my everyday makeup that doesn’t smudge or budge throughout the day.  

The Elf Power Grip Primer has become a crucial element in my daily makeup routine, serving as the ideal base for achieving a flawless look. As an individual with combination skin, finding a primer that effectively manages oil while keeping my skin hydrated has been a challenge. Fortunately, this primer has not only met but exceeded my expectations. This primer keeps my foundation locked in place throughout the day.

After testing out many foundations, I finally found my one-true love in the maybelline fit me foundation. I use the dewy version of the fit me series during the spring and summer for a more glowy look, and the matte version during the fall and winter time.

This is the best color corrector I have ever purchased in my life. A small amount goes a long way, and brightens up any dark spots for an amazing, flawless finish.

I love this concealer so much! The trick to getting a creaseless finish is to set the undereye with loose powder.

This contour stick makes the daunting process of contouring so easy and efficient. Application and blending are effortless with this product. The tone is just right—neither overly warm nor cool—and it's particularly effective for contouring purposes.

This blush gives you the glow of a goddess - it’s just a must-have.

If you’re looking for a bronzer that isn’t too matte but also isn’t too glittery, this is the bronzer for you! It gives you a nice, glowy finish without making you shimmer like a vampire.

One of the best eyeliners ever. I have very watery eyes, and this eyeliner stays on through tears and itchy eyelids.

The best, most hydrating lip oil ever. I can’t recommend this oil enough - it leaves my lips feeling so moisturized, and it looks so stunning. Plus, it doesn’t feel sticky at all. 10/10.

My safe haven, my go-to lipstick for any occasion. Once its on, its on. Its not going anywhere, its not smudging, and it will stick by your side through thick and thin.

I'm genuinely concerned that I might be addicted to applying this mascara. Maybelline Lash Sensational is your gateway to glamor. Prepare for the captivating show your lashes are about to put on. It's not just mascara; each stroke reveals a love story!

Lightweight and great for controlling oil, this powder is your best friend in erasing creases and giving you a filtered look.

Want a perfectly lined lip without a lot of hassle? Then look no further! This lip liner is so budget friendly and glides on so smoothly. Definitely a staple for amazing lips.

This palette can help you achieve a neutral look, or a dramatic, bold look. Its so versatile, its a must-have in your makeup kit.


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